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Bud Meister 1 L

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Designed specifically to induce flowering and shorten internodal length.

  • Stunts plants into florification
  • Promotes more flower sites
  • Used for start of flowering cycle
  • 100% organic formula & natural ingredients in a 1 Litre bottle.

Bud Meister is a precise formula that will unleash your plants true flowering potential and designed specifically to induce flowering and shorten internodal lengths.

Bud Meister provides growers with the very best of old and new nutrient technology whilst remaining totally organic. This combination approach to producing the ultimate flowering enhancer gives growers a product that achieves results far beyond what nature intended. Achieve extraordinary yields from a 100% totally safe and natural flowering additive. Natural plan hormones , plant vitamins fulvic extracts, kelp and other complex organics work together to bolster your plants metabolic process and push plant growth, yield and flavours to an unprecedented high.